The Ramamoorthy-Yeh Endowment (RYE) was established to support International transdisciplinary and  transformative scientific research, education, and knowledge discimination. RYE is named after the two of the central figures and mentors of the Society for Design and Process Science, Dr. C. V Ramamoorty, Professor Emertis at UC Berkeley, and Dr. Ramond Yeh, founder. Dr. Ramamoorthy and Dr. Yeh founded the IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering and have made major contribution to science and engineering.


Since the medieval times the critical leading role of science has been a) to challenge the entrenched conceptions of human reason, and b) to introduce new methods of investigation for deeper understanding of nature of things. Once again, as scientists, critical thinkers, and engineers we are introducing new notions in the transdisciplinary arena from which new generation of intellectual and physical analysis and synthesis tools and techniques will be produced. These tools and techniques will take the form in which science, engineering, and management notions would be fused into unified transdisciplinary entities. These developments in integrated design and process science would in turn, once again, transform the human scene beyond recognition.

The Ramamoorthy-Yeh Endowment is not just a classical endowment functioning as one of the known social entities of the modern world. In its modern form this endowment supports to establish a superstructure integrating educational institutes (the science motivation) and industry (technology motivation) into a value-added entity for the information-value chain of the society of the next century. The scientific and technical issues of integration of disciplinary notions from management, economics, engineering, and computing can only be addressed at a higher level of abstraction as had always been the source of new developments in natural sciences.

A common denominator relating these issues is the study of design and process science. The rapid development of design and process tools has led to the present situation in which we have a wide array of tools but do not have commensurate knowledge about how the tools should be integrated into a unified plan or scheme to accomplish a program, project, or task. Leadership is a critical element in defining how these tools should be brought to bear in resolving this dilemma. Integration, transdisciplinary fusion, and international collaboration form the basis for the business process models of the next century and success can only be achieved through coordinated international effort.

The Ramamoorthy-Yeh Endowment Fund will provide support:

  1. For the SDPS and SES (Software Engineering Society), activities such as conferences, workshops, seminars, and study groups at which international participants from industry, academia, government gather to exchange ideas.
  2. For the International transdisciplinary research and education:
    • Forming transdisciplinary international programs in design and process science,
    • To design innovative curricula and/or courses to be offered internationally,
    • For initiation and enhancement of international education programs and collaborative research,
    • For the international research fellows; provides matching grants to SDPS members to perform research in the design and process science at an institution other than their own.
    • For scholarships to SDPS student members, and
    • To develop design and process science methodologies that incorporate relevant cultural and social value factors.

The Ramamoorthy-Yeh Endowment Fund Advisory Committee

The Ramamoorthy-Yeh Endowment is governed by the RYE Board and Managed by the RYE Fund Advisory Committee. The chair is expected to be SDPS member. The RYE Committee meet regularly :

  1. To determine investment and administrative policies.
  2. To plan to raise money for the Endowment. Each year, as the fund grows it is invested and the income made available to support the SDPS,  SES, and other activities.