Vision and Scope

It is the vision of this Society to be a catalyst for change, enabling the discovery of new approaches that lead to alternative solutions for the increasingly complex problems that face civilization.


  • Promote the development of design and process science as applied to all traditional disciplines of engineering by sponsoring conferences and participation in other appropriate activities.
  • Encourage and foster research and development to advance the discipline of design and process science.
  • Provide leadership and resources to foster cooperation among organizations in establishing meaningful international standards. Distribute, promote, and encourage the use and application of these standards for universal improvement.
  • Encourage an interchange of ideas among engineers, scientists, managers, decision makers and organizations by:
    • Disseminate information through publishing and other means.
    • Organizing conferences and programs for presentations and demonstrations to advance the state of knowledge.
    • Cooperating with other professional organizations and committees with respect to standards, interdisciplinary research, and technical meetings.
    • Providing a liaison between the Society and Codes and Standards Committees.
    • Providing an atmosphere of fellowship between members that recognizes those professional needs of society membership which can best be supplied by association with peers.
    • Supporting continuing education activities; and g. Developing international cooperation and understanding.
  • Recognize achievement in the field of design and process science.
  • Provide long-range planning activities to insure that the Society achieves its objectives and provides quality service to its members.
  • Develop and promote membership in the Society.
  • Support student activity.
  • Support other appropriate objectives.