Every year, Society for Design and Process Science organizes the SDPS World Conference. The conference program consists of invited and selected papers emphasizing transformative goals and transdisciplinary knowledge integration through the study of processes leading to the delivery of more robust, high quality, line of products and services. All reviewed and accepted papers are published in the refereed Conference Proceedings.

From 1995-2008, the SDPS World Conference was titled Integrated Design and Process Technology (IDPT).

The final programs for each SDPS World Conference and IDPT are available below.

SDPS 2015 Program 

2015, Dallas, Texas

2014, Kuching, Malaysia

2013, Campinas, Brazil

SDPS 2012 Program 

2012, Berlin, Germany

2011, Jeju, South Korea

2010, Dallas, Texas

2009, Montgomery, Alabama

2008, Taichung, Taiwan

2007, Antalya, Turkey

2006, San Diego, CA

2005, Beijing, China

2004, Izmir, Turkey

2003, Austin, TX

2002, Pasadena, CA

2000, Dallas,TX

1998, Berlin, Germany

1996, Austin, TX

1995, Austin, TX